Joe Troy

Joe Troy, Bioinformatics


  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Informatics Ph.D. program 2012-Present
  • North Central College, Naperville Computer Science M.S., 2000-2005
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Finance B.S., 1977-1981

Work Experience

  • Senior Software Development Analyst, The Joint Commission 2005-2013
  • Distribution Systems Team Leader, NAVTEQ 2004-2005
  • Software Engineer, NAVTEQ 1999-2004
  • Adjunct Lecturer, EECS department, University of Illinois at Chicago 1999-1999
  • Software Development Analyst, The Joint Commission 1992-1999
  • Programmer Analyst, Richardson Electronics, LTD. 1985-1992
  • Computer Coordinator, Commercial Law League of America 1984-1985
  • Computer Programmer, Law Data Centre 1983-1984

Current Project

As a graduate student pursuing a PhD in informatics I am working in the lab of Dr. Lisa Stubbs, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology. Presently I’m working on a bioinformatics project to identify interactions between Zinc Finger Protein 558 (ZNF558) and Long Terminal Repeat (LTR) elements in human DNA.  Zinc Finger Protein 558 belongs to the Zinc Finger family of Transcription Factors that bind to DNA thus regulating the expression of DNA.  Through out history many LTRs have been introduced into the human genome via retroviruses.  Of interest is the evolutionary history of Zinc Finger Proteins compared to the evolutionary history of the LTRs they bind to.


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Stubbs Lab Bioinformatics Presentations:


  • Review – RNA-Seq Analysis Overview – Alignment using Tophat2

    Download (PPTX, 902KB)

  • Alignment Summary Report – Create gene count files with htseq-count

    Download (PPTX, 429KB)

  • Review: tophat, alignment summary report, htseq-count; Exercises: MDS plots, Differential Gene Expression

    Download (PPTX, 636KB)